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By submitting this formal request for a credential on behalf of Traction Media (Speedway Illustrated and CC Racer), I will gather editorial material only and do so in a manner consistent with the track and/or sanctioning body’s rules and procedures. I can, at my discretion, provide a photo or two at the track or sanctioning body’s request for their own marketing efforts, but will not share images (exact or similar) which are appropriate and/or intended for publication by Traction Media (Speedway Illustrated and CC Racer).

My photos and/or text will be offered to Traction Media (Speedway Illustrated and CC Racer) for their exclusive right of first refusal. I will refrain from publishing, posting, selling, or using the same or similar material gathered under Traction Media (Speedway Illustrated and CC Racer) credential for any other purpose at any other outlet to include, but not limited to: competing titles, social media, private sale, digital outlets, and/or advertisers without the express written consent of Traction Media (Speedway Illustrated and CC Racer).

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